VICTONFFI’s 1st Open Recruitment!

Yow Join^^


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Halo kawan~~

VICTON Fanfiction Indonesia merupakan blog fanfiksi pertama bahasa Indonesia yang ber-main cast VICTON. Blog ini baru saja dibuka, dan membutuhkan para author berbakat seperti kalian! Kami membuka pendaftaran seluas-luasnya bagi kalian yang ingin bergabung.

Adapun syarat yang harus diperhatikan adalah sebagai berikut:

  • Dapat menulis dengan baik dan mengerti EBI (Ejaan Bahasa Indonesia)
  • Mengidolakan VICTON atau setidaknya tahu tentang mereka
  • Bertanggung jawab dan konsisten terhadap blog

Syaratnya mudah, bukan?

Bagi kalian yang ingin bergabung bersama kami, silahkan isi form berikut:

  • Nama Lengkap:
  • Nama Pena:
  • URL WordPress pribadi:
  • Email yang digunakan untuk mendaftar wordpress:
  • ID Line / Twitter (bagi yg tidak mempunyai id Line):
  • Contoh fanfiksi buatan kalian (baik dalam bentuk link / attachment):

Form di atas bisa dikirimkan ke alamat email

dengan subjek

[VICTONFFI’s 1st OPREC] Nama Pena

Kami tunggu partisipasi kalian! 😀


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Introduction Blog’s Owner^^

Who’s Hwang Miyeon?

• My whole name is Kardita Rida Prasetyaningrum (too long right? ㅋㅋㅋ) You can call me Dita or Miyeon here^^ •

• ’28Nov00′ • Born and Living in Bandung •

• Cat Lovers! Hamster is my favorite pets too. Recently i like all of animals, but nope for Arthropoda, ewh nope :” •

• I like listening to music, make some art with my sketchbook (I rather draw a fanart than draw something else), Write fanfic story, and last i like sleep on sunday all day long (so don’t disturb me during my hibernation period :p) •

• About my fangirling life, mmm.. Sad to said if i yet come to any concert of my bias :” attend to concert is my deepest dream. If you ask what is my fandom, here is the list : 

  1. SONE : Taeyeon is my absolutely bias ever. Everytime i see her, is make me think to be a kind hearted like her. Umm my eonnie ><
  2. ARMY : Hobi and Agust is my currently bias. Both of this two guys is i’m falling in love with, but Hobi still number one for me^^
  3. EXO-L : Oh af hawt Sehun is my bias. I shipping him with Luhan, they are the kiyowo couple ever >< When Exo debuted era i was Kris biased, but i’m too disappointed of his disbanding :” latest, i’m always support Baekhyun and Taeyeon relationship^^
  4. REVELUV : Wendy Son! Her beautiful voice, the way she speaks english, her soft heart, and all about her is a angel soul! I love kindly heart person like her^^
  5. BUDDY : Guess it who’s my Gfriend bias? *blink blink* Yaps Yuju! The main vocal who can make absurd dance everywhere :”

Yeah, that is all of my bias list. I hope i can meet one of them one day in future. Yass someday~ •

Lets Be Friend!

If you want to know more about me, here’s my personal account :

Line : Kardita_kty

Twitter : Kardita__0628

Instagram : Krditass_

Yeah, thank you^^ see yaa~

With love, 

• HwangMiyeon56 •

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